The reference site where you can consult a list of more than 2000 crypto currencies and their market prices.
The best free tool for analyzing bitcoin price charts, including historical data.
Website where you can consult data and graphs relating to the volatility of Bitcoin.
Electrum is the Bitcoin software wallet we suggest to use because it's safe and light. Available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android .
Ledger is the market leading hardware wallet that supports over 1000 cryptocurrencies and guarantees high security.
Trezor is another good hardware wallet that supports over 1000 cryptocurrencies and guarantees high security.
One of the main exchanges to buy crypto currencies by paying in euros. Use this link to get a €8 bonus.
The world's leading exchange for exchanging Bitcoin with other crypto currencies.
Historical statistics on the Bitcoin network, transaction fees, network difficulties, mining pools and more.
Useful online tool to verify information about a particular Bitcoin transaction.
Technique to mediate the purchase price of Bitcoin by dividing the budget into many equal amounts to be invested periodically.
Brave is the innovative web browser for mobile and desktop that blocks all advertising and allows you to earn BAT cryptocurrency.

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